Thursday, 8 September 2011

One Coat Fewer!

This week has been a decorating week in my household.  It was 'deemed' (not be me) that as soon as the last room was finished we should start on another - which will definitely be the last one for this year!  I was determined to finish it in less than one week.

Whilst opening a tub of "One Coat" emulsion to paint the walls, I was struck by the irony of the instruction to

"Leave 2 - 4 hours between coats"

True - I have never got away with only one coat of the stuff - but why call it "One Coat" when it might be more accurate to call it "One Coat Fewer"?


Hilary said...

Haha reminds me of once when I was in america I bought a bag of peanuts...and on the side in small writing it said "warning - this bag may contain traces of peanuts"

...also, there's a carpet shop near me, which is currently advertising carpets at 20% off...cheek, I'd want the whole carpet if I was to buy one not 80% of it...what a rip-off... :)

Plasma Engineer said...