Friday, 30 September 2011

Profiteering anti-environmentalism!

From the blog of The Sceptical Curmudgeon on the topic "Ban the plastic bag"

Part of the problem is how people use the bags, not just the bags themselves. 

When they were freely given out I tended to use them for bin liners in small bins, for bagging other rubbish before putting it in the wheelie bin, for separating laundry when returning from holiday, for storage of out of season clothing etc.  In short I tried to get as much use as possible out of them and in doing so avoided buying other plastic bags to address those needs. 
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Branding and profit.  Those are the answers to most of this. 

Cardboard boxes have the wrong brand.  Supermarkets want you to demonstrate their brand name and if they can get you to pay to do it they are even happier, especially if the government gets the blame for the cost. 

As for the way that we now have to pay for bags so that we can throw away (sustainably - because after all, they are biodegradable), while not throwing away the other bags that we pay for to take our shopping home . . . hmmm. 

Profiteering anti-environmentalism!

Small note: its a lazy blog day today as I was at work before there was even any light in the eastern sky and now that it is dark again I feel too sleepy to write more.  No sympathy?  Why?

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