Monday, 3 June 2013

Why can't theists just leave us alone?

As atheists we are often asked why we have to criticise religions.

That would be a good question if those religions did not intrude into our daily lives quite as much.

This link from The Thinking Atheist takes you to one of the best summaries of the situation that I have seen recently.  One short extract gives you an idea of the contents . . .

"Ask yourself. When's the last time an atheist rang your doorbell with the Good News of Humanism? How often do you find Richard Dawkins books in the dresser drawers of your hotel rooms? When was the last atheist temple erected in your neighborhood? Have you ever attended an atheist revival? Has atheism demanded 10% of your household income? How many dedicated atheist television channels come through your satellite dish? How many atheist verses were you instructed to memorize as a child? When's the last time someone thanked a FARMER (or even the cook) at the dinner table instead of God?"

Good points - I think you will agree.

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