Wednesday, 2 May 2012

What a way to retire!

I always enjoyed watching snooker, even in the days when I had to watch it on a black and white television.  (My family adopted colour TV quite late due to the much higher cost of a colour license!)  I remember being surprised by the unusual style of a great new young professional called Stephen Hendry.  He used the centre pockets much more than most other players at the time.

At last it seems that he has decided to retire from the professional game, but I can only admire the way he did it.  As he was defeated for the last time this evening, he repeatedly demonstrated great sportsmanship and humour, smiling wryly when the run of the balls went in favour of his opponent.

I think the audiences will miss him and we all wish him well in his future career.

What a way to retire though!  Only last week he score his 11th maximum break of 147 points, equalling the world record.

I think the highest break I ever scored in snooker was about 8!  Understanding the principles is not enough!

Small note: That surprised you didn't it! I never talk about sport!


krissthesexyatheist said...

I'll be honest..I dunno what snooker is (pool?). Anyhoo...glad that you have something besides atheism, ya know, something one can enjoy. @mojoey of the Atheist Blogroll likes disc frisbee, @vjack of Altheist Revolution likes horror movies and J.Loftus of Debunking Christianity likes Billiards (whatever that is). Often times I have written about how "we" halfta get out there and prove "them" wrong. We're people too....


Dobbin said...

Wow you did adopt colour TV late - that must have been about 1987?!

Snooker is boring at first sight, but when you get into it then it becomes strangely absorbing, a bit like cricket.

Trish K said...

Great post,ty for sharing! I would add,if I may,a book that I loved and would recommend "The Portable Atheist" by Christopher Hitchens.