Sunday, 27 May 2012

Islamophobic? This is why!

The criticism of Islam is a topic that I sometimes touch upon - although as you might have noticed, I do not do it nearly enough!  Most of my community of regular readers (thank you to all of you) would probably agree with me, and most will join with me in criticising Islam without necessarily criticising individual Muslims.  I have several Muslim friends who appear to live peacefully in our modern world without controversy.  I do not agree with their beliefs in some transcendent sky-daddy, but their views on that subject are equivalent to Christians believing in their gods - and that is up to them.

However, I have recently heard, second hand, that some of my recent posts about Islam have caused a stir.  Apparently they convinced a few people that my politics are somewhat to the right of Genghis Khan.  In particular, these posts have taken some criticism from ordinary decent English and American people who are so busy being inclusive and undiscriminating that they are drawing vipers into the nest:

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Halal and kosher meat - the controversy

For the record I would have put myself as centre-left, at least until the 'compliant quisling' Nick Clegg went into alliance with the Conservative Party to enable the current UK government to be so dysfunctional.  (More about quislings tomorrow.)  At present I am sure that there is no political party representing my views in this country. As it happens, nearly all of them seem to bend over backwards to appease Islam, with the exception of the right wing brigade who have no policies except the one of being against Islam.  No way do they get my vote.

My criticism of Islam has no racist foundation, but I criticise it because it portrays itself as harmless while quietly undermining the rule of law in a country that already has perfectly good laws.  I will not tolerate the teachings and practices of this barbaric religion of Islam any more than I would tolerate the same actions from any other person.

I also criticise it because of the appalling 'morals' that it represents.  You can close your eyes and pretend that 10,000 girls are not taken out of UK every year for a 'holiday' in a country where their genitals can be cut in a dangerous, inhumane, barbaric ritual.  You might be able to pretend not to be disgusted, but I can't.  I also find it amazing that people are prosecuted for anti-Islamic remarks on Twitter in this 'civilised' country and yet there has not been one single prosecution for female genital mutilation, which is a criminal offence as well as a morally outrageous infringement of human rights.  These things can't possibly go completely unnoticed by health professionals (although clearly they find themselves in a difficult position).

What's more, we know that we can't trust Islam.  They have two ways of lying to us infidels within their own moral system.  I wrote about 'Taqiyyah - lying for Islam' last year.  I will write about the other one, 'kitman' on Tuesday.

If you are not frightened of this and not utterly disgusted by what is going on in the name of Allah in your own supposedly 'Christian country' then you are really not concentrating!  How can anyone wish peace and blessings upon him and his simply disgusting set of morals!

You don't have to be right wing or Christian to want to stamp out barbarism and inhumanity.  You just have to be a decent person who cares about truth and justice.  You have to stand up and point out the simple truth of the dangers precisely because discrimination is not an acceptable practise.  I wouldn't accept these actions from my children.  If my neighbours carried them out I would go to the police, whatever their ethnic or religious background.  My lack of discrimination extends to being willing to stand up for the rights of the victims of Islam, whether or not they are Islamic themselves.

Let's be completely clear . . .

I do not criticise individual Muslims because they happen to follow Islam.  That is their right and as long as they live within the law I have no quarrel with them.  I do not wish them to go to another country to practise their religion.  However, I do outright and unreservedly criticise individual Muslims who also happen to be criminals under the law of this country, whether or not that criminal activity is 'required' by their faith.  I feel the same way about other Muslims who harbour those criminals too.

I doubt that any accusations of political leanings will ever change my view on that topic.  Yes I am Islamophobic (as in literally 'frightened of creeping Islam')!   But I also want one law for all.

Islamophobia needs to be much more widespread in my opinion!


Tony the slightly unstable genius said...

Hear, Hear. Take pride in whatever stir you have created. It's about time Islamophobia became more prominent in this country. Keep up the good work!!

Anonymous said...

pointing fingers at a minority group and claiming they are "evil" is an easy way to feel good and superior---but clean your own house first before pointing fingers---will you......


◦45% of women have experienced some form of domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking.1
◦Around 21% of girls, experience some form of child sexual abuse2
◦At least 80,000 women suffer rape every year.3
◦In a survey for Amnesty International, over 1 in 4 respondents thought a women was partially or totally responsible for being raped if she was wearing sexy or revealing clothing, and more than 1 in 5 held the same view if a woman had had many sexual partners.4
◦On average, two women a week in England and Wales are killed by a violent partner or ex-partner. This constitutes nearly 40% of all female homicide victims.5
◦70% of incidents of domestic violence result in injury, (compared with 50% of incidents of acquaintance violence, 48% of stranger violence and 29% of mugging).6
◦Around 85% of forced marriage victims are women7
◦Domestic violence is estimated to cost victims, services and the state a total of around £23 billion a year.8

Tony the slightly unstable genius said...

Did you know that 89% of statistics are made up on the spot?
I trust @Anonymous can cite reliable references for the amazing list above. Statistic number 2 seems very interesting. How much is exactly "around 21%"? So, who are the kiddie fiddlers in your street?

Derby Sceptic said...

There are lies, damned lies and then there are statistics!

We are not told anything of the demographics of these statistics and therefore what proportion of them are related to Islam, other faiths, and people of no religion.

What exactly is Anonymous trying to prove - and why do they remain Anonymous?

Plasma Engineer said...

I'm sad to say that both Tony and Derby Sceptic have both fallen for what is an absolutely classic example of taqiyya. On the other hand, I have to thank our anonymous contributor for proving me to be correct.

Did you notice that she raises a straw man (that I said Islam is evil) and attacks that. Then she attempts to divert us from the questions at hand by deploying a range of dubious and irrelevant statistics.

We are not talking about all the country's other problems, however much everyone would agree them to be problems. Yes - those criminal acts are immoral too, but we ARE talking here about the specifics of the way that people commit criminal offences in this country in the name of Islam and then lie about it.

Note that, in typical taqiyyah style, our contributor hasn't actually addressed any of those issues. This is for the very obvious reason that there is no argument against the points I made.

One law for all!

Robert Stovold said...

Erm, Anonymous, with regards to putting our own house in order, it's a fact that religious people tend to be over-represented in prison populations. A March 2011 ‘YouGov’ poll found that 61% of people in England and Wales are religious, while the remaining 39% had no religion. Prison Population Statistics published in February 2012, on the other hand, showed that 68.7% of inmates were affiliated with a religion while 31.3% were not.

Plasma Engineer said...

Thank you Robert. Not only was that document useful for a future blog post, but your web site has almost inspired me to join an Alpha course. I appreciate your contribution.

Geoff said...

One key pillar of Islam is Sharia and that is something that ought to be explicitly banned in the UK using this ECHR ruling as the basis for the ban:

For those critising this post, do you also consider the ECHR to be racist/bigoted/Islamophobic (select appropriate tag)?