Thursday, 24 May 2012

God the father was once a sinner

The Mormon God of this world, (or perhaps of this universe) is called Elohim.  Surprisingly, Elohim did not create the universe.  Even Mormons do not claim that.  However, apparently we are all the spirit-children of Elohim and one of his heavenly wives, but he personally went through a similar life to us.

In fact he began life as a spirit child, passed through the 'Mortal Probation', (presumably with first class honours)  and went to Paradise.  From Paradise, Mormons believe that you you pass to one of the three levels of Celestial Kingdom if you achieved the mandatory minimum set of requirements.  (These are not to be confused with the Terestrial or Telestial kingdoms, of which more later.)

Elohim took his wives with him to the the planet (Or was it a star?  They can't decide.) Kolar, and his first born 'spirit child' was Jehovah (which is Mormon 'code' for Jesus).  Jehovah is separate and distinct from Elohim and some regard him as a god.  Others claim that Jehovah will have to marry and have spirit children in order to become a god, and yet others claim that this has already happened).  The reason that Jesus can be regarded as a saviour is that his father was physical but immortal (living on another planet in human form), and his mother was the mortal Mary, (who was also the offspring of Elohim).

So all this means that the main god of Mormonism was 'a sinner' who lived a normal human life (albeit not on Earth) and that Jesus is his son.

Returning to the other kingdoms, you might like to know that any non-Mormon who has lived a good life but who did not qualify to reach even the lowest level of the Celestial Kingdom has a good chance of eventually reaching the 'Terrestrial Kingdom'.  Even those who lived reprehensible lives could reach the 'Telestial Kingdom' instead of Hell.  In both of those places you could continue to exist for eternity (yawn!) but you can have no spirit children.  Only those who are exalted have that honour.  Yes - its another Master Race story!

You might also be interested to know that Hell is largely reserved for apostate Mormons - so you can see why it might be hard to deconvert a Mormon!

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