Friday, 4 November 2011

View from the top!

The 'top of England' is the peak of Scafell Pike (pronounced Score-fell by the way).  I had been up the mountain twice before, both times starting from Wasdale Head.  You climb from close to sea level to the peak at 978m in less than 3 miles.

This time I selected a different, slightly longer, route from the top of Borrowdale and the majority of the walk was very pleasant, with excellent views of the surrounding countryside.  As the top was getting closer it seemed that a great panorama would be visible, as it had been earlier in the week.

However, on arrival after the nasty scramble up loose rocks that 'welcomes' every visitor to the mountain peak, the clouds descended and an icy wind made it very uncomfortable and this is the view that greeted me!

Did I ever mention how much I like Helvellyn in comparison?  At least on the top of Helvellyn you don't get the option for international phone calls from your mobile phone! 

However, the walk down from Scafell was lightened by the company of two New Zealanders  who hadn't heard all my old stories!

Small note: Sore knees resulted from this walk due to the uneven nature of the terrain and general wear and tear I suppose.

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