Monday, 28 November 2011

Free and open internet indeed!

Is is just me, or do messages like this one really irritate you too?

Somehow as a UK resident I am forbidden from seeing interesting material that the rest of the world is permitted to see, but after 20th February (presumably 2012) it will be alright for me to watch it.

Meanwhile, US residents often can't see material created by the BBC, and I am sure the same happens world-wide.



Anonymous said...

Yes! In Canada we are pretty much shunned by every other country. Or should I say that we are too cheap/poor to pay copyrights.

Hilary said...

well I suppose it costs money to upload for various areas...I know from being involved a few years ago in helping buying all the licenses for that the further afield you reach the more expensive it gets, but maybe youtube is different is it?

Derby Sceptic said...

I think YouTube is free to upload unless you want to use extra features such as Promoted Video.

I believe YouTube do check content and may control access to certain videos but I have no evidence beyond having seen some barred as they breach copyright.

As we don't know the content (beyond the title) we don't know if there is some perfectly innocent reason why the uploader chose where it may be seen.

You may have realised that I have never posted to YouTube!