Saturday, 12 November 2011

50,000 thanks

This week Something Surprising has passed the milestone of 50,000 page views in its short life of 10 months.  I know that some readers pop in and then vanish again without a second glance, but I also appreciate the band of followers who read regularly and comment here or on Facebook, Reddit or Twitter.  (As for StumbleUpon, I am still finding it totally bewildering!)

As a small way of saying 'Thanks' to the audience of regular readers of Something Surprising, I would like to offer an opportunity for any of you to write a post which will be attributed accordingly. 

Obviously it would be nice if it was about something slightly surprising, but I think we all come across surprising things every single day.  Equally obviously, it can be controversial but not illegal or defamatory, but all you budding writers out there should have no trouble with that.

If you would like to use it as a chance to advertise your own blog or a cause that you care about just let me know. 

Go on!  Give it a try!

If you don't already have a blog you might even find that you like it!


krissthesexyatheist said...

Blatant self don't have to ask me twice. Go for the six-pack and stay for the content (at) krissthesexyatheist . Any who, congrats on the 50g's. I've been at it for a little over 2 years and a couple of months and I (only) have 90,000-ish hits (by my count, UR kickin' my arse)...maybe it's because your content is better. Awesome buddy. Keep it up.


Pruthvi said...

Congrats plasma engineer .Heres one article ive written.

Plasma Engineer said...

@kriss Great opportunity for self promotion and the offer I made was for exactly that reason - how about a new post to add here and on your blog at the same time? Something new even if short would be great. Your comments are always appreciated. Keep them up too buddy. :)

@pruthvi I preferred your article about the crows. Again - a new item would be great if you would like to share.

So far have had about five expressions of interest. That's almost enough to do a feature week of guest posts sometime towards the end of the month.

All articles gratefully accepted by email to plasma dot engineer at gmail dot com. Don't forget to include a way to credit you with the content.

Plasma Engineer said...

@kriss p.s. I liked your 11-11-11 article. Have you ever noticed that SS started on 11-1-11? Woo woo! :)