Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Will ow.ly go extinct?

Just a brief thought with #libya in mind.

With the demise of the current regime in Libya, what will happen to all the internet domains with .ly in their urls?

Hootsuite's 'ow.ly' short urls are not the only ones that will be affected.  Let's hope that the demise of a despotic regime in northern Africa doesn't bring the internet to its knees.

I fear that people on knees in that area are likely to be bowing in one direction - namely towards Mecca!

I don't defer to the authorities in Mecca!  (You might have guessed that.)

p.s.  Added 25th Aug . . .  @hootsuite_help kindly sent me a message: "@plasma_engineer In addition to Ow.ly, HootSuite also offers Owl.li. We assure you that owl-themed URLs will not go extinct. ^CT"  

That's a relief!  :)

Hootsuite is a good service and I recommend it highly!

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