Saturday, 13 August 2011

Makes you want to dance!

Do you know how people practice sky-diving?  In today's world they can go to a vertical wind tunnel where the floor is made of mesh and the air is blown up through the floor fast enough to blow you upwards.

So - you might think that is all there is to it, but just watch this video.

I watched it four times and it made me smile. The music made me smile too.  You can see the obvious exuberance of one of the performers as he walks away at the end. 

(Thanks to a tweet from @RichardWiseman)



Oh I so want to try that!!!

Dobbin said...

There's one at Milton Keynes called Airkix. I tried it but was hopeless. No skydiving for me I think.

Tyson Sieger said...

The music makes me wanna dance! However, I still admire those four who danced to it. Some people may wanna try it too, while others would probably just be contented to watch. You know... The floating/flying effect could cause vertigo. LOL!