Friday, 15 April 2011

Woman, know thy place!

Here is an absolute MUST READ!  This is another great Washington Post 'On Faith' blog post by Paula Kirby.  (Click on it for a link - please!   That link actually takes you to the Richard Dawkins site but you get the full text there.)

It is something that I think everyone should read about equality.  Many seem to think that the last paragraph is the best (see below), but the rest of the article is similarly erudite, incisive and hard-hitting.

Religion is one lie after another: the lie of original sin, the lie of eternal life, the lie of hell, the lie of answered prayer, the lie that life can have no meaning without religion, the lie that religion is the source of morality, the lie of creationism, the lie of a spy-in-the-sky who hears your every word and reads your every thought. And to this list we must add the lie that it views men and women as . . .

It continues in a similar way and there is a lot more of it.  You really DO have to go to the original to read it!

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