Friday, 1 April 2011

TICKETS: Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris – Oxford, Tues 12 April

Wow - tickets for this event were released this morning and as feared the BHA's server seemed to (shall we say) struggle a little with the demand.  After 30+ minutes of frustration I was disappointed not to have managed to buy any tickets even though I had had them half-bought three times.  The message was that they had sold out.  Result = spoilt morning!

Fortunately the sales server seems to have confused itself and later 'realised' that it actually hadn't sold the tickets that were in people's shopping baskets because it hadn't let them pay for said tickets. 

I just managed to buy some after all.  The day is saved.  It all goes to show how popular the New Atheists are. 

I must remember to take a cushion to sit on.  As far as I remember, the Sheldonian has some of the most uncomfortable seating in the entire world!

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