Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The Good Book - Daily Mash

A colleague kindly mentioned to me today that A C Grayling's The Good Book got a rather different type of review today in a highly reputable (?) online journal called "The Daily Mash".  He says it is the only 'newspaper' he ever reads these days.  Certainly it has a different take on most topics and seems entertaining - if slightly obscure.  In this case it describes Grayling's 'atheist bible' as an impossible fairy tale (according to Christians).  Ha ha!  I guess the Christians would recognise one when they see it.

To give you a flavour of the parody in that august journal, on the topic of people being good without god, I quote:

Monsignor Stephen Malley, a leading Catholic theologian, added: "So this person just woke up one day and miraculously decided to do something for someone else?

"I'm sorry Professor Grayling, you may convince some people with this voodoo hocus pocus, but I will stick with the empirical logic of transubstantiation, thank you very much indeed."

Being ex-Church of England myself I can only refer the Monsignor to the 39 Articles of Religion which make it perfectly clear that (in England at least) (and since Henry VIII at least) the wine does not change to the blood, nor the bread to the body.  Transubstantiation is not substantiated!

At least the dear old 'C of E' originally got one thing right, even if in recent decades it has become more popish than the Roman Catholic Church by forgetting its real doctrines.

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