Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Oxford Think Week started

The first event of Oxford Think Week was tonight.  I made the pilgrimage to Corpus Christi College (the one with the moon dial on the sundial) and was one of about 50 people there.  Guided to the 'new auditorium', I was surprised to find that 'new' didn't mean 1450 AD!).  Hopefully I will write more about the event soon.  It reminded me why I am not a graduate of Oxford University.  Some of the questions from the students were brilliant and a little difficult to comprehend (although perhaps a little rambling - but they are young!).  Presumably they understood their own questions, because the panel answered them.

An interesting event anyway!  I was most delighted by Baroness Shreela Flather who is a Hindu atheist - and yes, you can be one, as she explained.

Tomorrow evening is the big event.  Richard Dawkins and A C Grayling.  Sold out (700 tickets), but I should feel honoured to have a ticket for the 'overflow room'.  Those who can't be there can see it via Ustream.

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