Monday, 14 February 2011

Fusion funding

The UK (nearly public-owned) bank RBS announced magnanimously last week that it would restrict the payment of staff bonuses to just £950m this year.

Is there any sanity in this world?  They're the bastards who got us into this mess and the government is just going to let them get away with this while gradually penalising the honest hard working million people who work in 'proper' jobs on behalf of the public. 

And £1 billion per year is about equivalent to a tax saving of 1 p in the pound for the other 60 million people in the UK who are now suffering the consequences, due to the recklessness of these bankers.

Or to look at it another way - why is it that big technical projects like ITER are said to be 'expensive'?  At least its aim is to provide a technique to ensure a secure energy supply for future generations.

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