Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Ghosts or publicity?

In a remarkable story from the Thorpe Park theme park, (South West London), it seems that (those notoriously sensitive) 'construction workers' are being spooked by ghostly events and a major new ride called "Storm Surge" is being moved to a different location.

"Someone was looking over my shoulder" says a worker.  Was it the foreman?

Of course all the newspapers have a different sensational spin on the story.  Just to choose one, here is a link to The Independent.  I haven't yet seen an article from The Guardian which tends to have a slightly more skeptical viewpoint.

Isn't it amazing how the theme park is taking great care not to deny it.  The power of publicity is to set a story running and then know when to start to deny it.  The time is not right!  That helps prolong the publicity if timed right.

"Staff reports of eerie goings-on shot up and the only physical change in the park, at that time, was the beginning of ground preparation work for the new ride. " says a director.  "Director" is often a term for someone who was once good at their job but has lost touch with reality and if you believe the newspapers (which I don't - ever) that would be an appropriate description!  Anyway, perhaps they should have been on the lookout for 'non-physical changes', in these unusual circumstances!)

Under the international quality standard of ISO 9001 I suppose these eerie goings on would be recorded in . . . erm . . . a 'register of eerie-goings-on'?  I have noticed these in several companies so far.  (Believe that if you will.)  Presumably at some anticipated threshhold of eeriness they have planned to start changing their business plan, and instructed their civil engineers accordingly. 

I probably won't be going on Storm Surge, but its not because of the ghosts!  A headless monk illusion might tempt me though.

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