Monday, 13 May 2013

My two 'spirit guides'

A dear friend told me today that I have invisible companionship.

This is not just one spirit guide, but two!  Apparently not everyone is blessed in this way, but it is far from unusual.  My friend claims to have more guides than me.

I find it genuinely interesting that I know people who believe in things that I can't recognise in the world.  My Christian friends know God through his son Jesus (in spite of all that nonsense about the Trinity which makes no real sense to anyone as far as I can tell).  My Islamic friends have faith in Allah and his prophet Mohamed (upon whom I wish no peace or blessing whatsoever).  At least Islam is a little less 'spooky', even though I find it more frightening in other ways.  And my own sister sees ghosts and has always been much more sensitive to the paranormal than I am.

I'm almost jealous of them.  It seems that I am missing this special, interesting, sixth sense.

I don't even believe that we have souls in this dualistic sense, so I find it very difficult to believe in ghosts or spirits.  But I am still fascinated by the idea.

As for these invisible companions who (apparently) know so much about me, very little has been revealed.  They don't have names and nothing is known of the lives that they no longer have.  Both are (or were?) male, which I find genuinely surprising since the minority of my close friends would want to claim that. 

Apparently one is mischievous and the other is 'a free spirit'.  What that happens to say about me is unclear.

What questions can I ask my friend to find out more about my guides?  Your input would be useful.  Please leave a comment if you can help.  I can already think of a few questions.
  • Have they chosen me of have I chosen them?
  • Do they like me?
  • Do they 'guide' anyone else?

Any more?


Derby Sceptic said...

I have many spirit guides, mostly distilled in Scotland!

Sarah said...

Ask how long have they been 'guiding' you and what mischief goes on.

YouKnowI'mRight said...

Years ago, I had a horrible reaction to penicillin. I was out of my mind, broke out in a burning red, Lord only know what type of deal, thing going on from head to toe. (No STD's, just excessive dental work)..Anyhoo, I remember being 100% miserable and having a horrific coughing thing that went with it all, I honestly felt near death. Sure enough, I happened to be in the middle of a coughing fit and it got very quiet all of a sudden. I realized why when I was hovering in my livingroom corner ceiling area WATCHING myself on the couch, just lying there! I immediately went into my own cheerleading mode, telling that lifeless looking person on the couch to just start coughing again!! Start coughing again and don't stop! Then there I was on the couch once again, being oh so thankful to have the cough again, knowing that I wo8ld NEVER forget what had just happened and being a first hand witness that there is life here-after for whatever reason or reasons. So a spirit guide, God, a Jesus angel, or whatever anyone prefers, I love the fact I had one that day and hope they're still around! I was so focused on not dying right then and there for my little boy that I didn't see any lights or tunnels (or worse locations) and for those couple of things I've kind of wondered about but I do not second guess in any way that we have a soul after life here. Much like I don't second guess the Heavenly Beings existing, but that's just me, hoping still to make it to Heaven one day..(heehee - no, seriously, of course I mean it, just sleepy and getting silly)