Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Distrust of sharia in Parliament

Why does my own MP (Member of Parliament) not speak out for justice like this?  If he does then I never hear about it.

Kris Hopkins MP has written a brilliant article in the Yorkshire Post, republished here via the National Secular Society.  As he says, referring to a recent BBC documentary . . .

"On seeing the programme's evidence, the chief crown prosecutor for the Crown Prosecution Service in the North West said that he was disappointed, but not surprised. If the CPS is not surprised about such findings, why are we, as a Government, allowing such things to happen?"

Why indeed?

Surely the answer is that religion gets special treatment, whether it deserves it or not.  For what it is worth, it doesn't deserve it!

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Derby Sceptic said...

I find that many politicians are not there for the good of the electorate but merely to further their own causes.

Whether I write to my MP (Margaret Beckett) or to specific ministers on both sides of the house it seems that they are of the view that they know best and the voter is not important.

When you do get a detailed response then it is likely to be a wish rather than clear action.

The article raises four points that the author wished to raise with the government. It would be interesting to see their response.