Thursday, 24 January 2013

Snowmen guard against flooding . . .

The radio woke me this morning, as usual, and in a state of half sleep I heard a news story that the UK Government was asking people to build snowmen.

Well of course, by the time I was fully awake (a few hours later!) I started to wonder whether I had imagined it.  But no!  I hadn't.  Someone really had suggested that the risk of flooding as the snow thaws would be mitigated if some of the snow was in larger, denser heaps, so that it melted more slowly.

Could this make a difference in real terms?  Yes of course -  but only if every family in the country made a few snowmen of the prodigious proportions illustrated here.

Massive snowman - protecting us against flooding!

This glorious edifice was built in Bishops Auckland this week.  It exhibits impressive proportions!

Otherwise the whole idea is quite risible!

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John Chapman said...

I missed that - I'll have to persuade my son that it's time for him to do his bit and save the Tyne valley from flooding. Somehow I don't think the idea will appeal to him or anyone else. With about 4 inches of snow cover it might take quite a few snowmen at Bishop Auckland to prevent flooding at Chester le Street