Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Annoyed by BBC Christianity

Listening to the morning service on BBC Radio 4 last Sunday, recorded in nearby Oxford, I found myself reminded about the reason for finding church irritating.

That isn't the same as the reason for failing to believe in god - as I think that happened a bit earlier.

The Anglican Church's friendly and pious nonsense is both familiar and annoying.  I got a horrible reminder of the many hours that I wasted sitting in church on a Sunday morning.

I even found myself annoyed (and subsequently amused - as I had been in my school years) by the tone of voice of Canon whateverhisnamewas.  His undulating notes were almost enough to induce sea-sickness.  The content of his talk was typically vacuous and hopeful, and bears little connection to biblical christianity as opposed to another 'nice' religion, if there are any other 'nice' religions.

At least it was traditional, and vaguely lovely, and English.

I prefer my English traditions in other forms these days.

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