Sunday, 23 December 2012

You haven't arrived until you have spoken

I was (reluctantly) attending a training course a little while ago, and the trainer opened with "You haven't metaphorically arrived until you have spoken".

She also commented that "because I'm not a scientist I had to draw myself a picture".   That just shows how science is misunderstood.  After all, scientists never draw pictures do they?

But it got a little better when she told us that "Neurologically, humans work better if it is clear what is required"  (wow!) and then a little worse when we were told to "embrace praise but let criticism slide off".

After too many hours of being patronised by a trainer who would have been perfect for a younger less-experienced audience I fall back on the words of George Bernard Shaw.  You can find them at this link.

Paradoxically the poor trainer suffered the consequences of her opening remarks a little later when everyone was so outraged that they had almost all arrived metaphorically to an extent that required her to call in reinforcements.

I actually felt sorry for her.

Another aspect of the story is that fellow atheists might take her advice too.  You haven't arrived until you talk about your atheism.  That gives me an excuse for going on about it so much.

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