Saturday, 1 December 2012

Interested in religion

Why am I so actively interested in religion?  People ask me that, and then go on to tell me that Jesus will enter my heart, (or the equivalent nonsensical version in other religions).

Here is a short summary of the reasons why I am interested in religion(s).

1/  I have a strong feeling of being lied to for many years, and now I think it is time for the truth to be known.
2/  Religion is everywhere but achieves nothing - but you might not notice.
3/  Someone needs to speak about truth, reason and evidence.  Why not me?
4/  The bible is simply (and obviously) scientifically unsupportable.  If you disagree then I'm sure that I will have an opposing opinion, and you know that I welcome a good discussion in the comments.
5/  Not making sense.  It never did, even as a pre-teenager and it still doesn't.  Be honest - does it?
6/  Disappointment - speaking in tongues and healing really don't cut the mustard do they?  Such exciting ideas are simply not true.
7/  Defence by spouting nonsense - this is the technique adopted by theologians around the world.

Let's face it - religion is interesting for people who have been taught it, but only in the same way that schizophrenia is interesting to people who have been taught psychology!

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Grundy said...

The most honest reason I speak out against religious faith is this: I feel superior to those who believe in what I now see as fantasy. I don't what to feel superior, so I educate to bring them to my level of reality acceptance.

I wish I had a more nobel reason, and I do, but it's not the main reason.