Saturday, 6 October 2012

Hamza's Innocence!

Hamza Al-Masri, otherwise known as Abu Hamza, is now innocent again - at least temporarily!

At least that is, he is formally innocent but I can't imagine him remaining in that state for very long.  It seems rather likely that he will soon be proven guilty in a court in USA.  America knows how to administer justice in a more swift and permanent way than wishy-washy Europe.

Hamza off to America - from The Mirror
Hamza off to America - from The Mirror

. . . and the British tax payer is rid of Abu Hamza once and for all!  Smiles all round then!

The Osama bin Laden case last year showed the difference between the New and Old World's justice systems last year.   Bin Laden's swift dispatch might not have been universally popular, but at least it was more effective than the way that Europe is currently entertaining Mladic, as I wrote in this post last year - Mladic - worse than bin Laden!

Will Europe ever get this right?

To finish on a lighter note, I came across this parody news article this week.  Hamza lands Panto role

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