Sunday, 14 October 2012

Crystal balls

I'm thinking of buying a boat to explore England's inland waterways.  Not a little plastic tub, not a gin palace, but an English narrow-boat.  Most of them are 6 feet 10 inches wide, and they tend to be up to 70 feet long.

I went to look at two of them today and I haven't really decided whether to pursue either.  But in the search I came across some great people and this sign on a boat neighbouring one that I was viewing.  It made me smile.

Eerily inaccurate crustal-ball readings - narrowboat, narrow-boat, England, canals, Kennet and Avon.
Eerily inaccurate crustal-ball readings

Or maybe they really live up to their claim!

I could do with some way to see the future.



Have you read the Narrow Dog books? If not, worth reading

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Plasma Engineer said...

Thanks and an enthusiastic 'welcome back' to one of my original readers who has been quiet recently.

That's a good suggestion that I had forgotten about. I think I might have read them years ago and must look for them again.