Friday, 22 June 2012

Boghossian leads by a mile

I'm not just surprised, but truly amazed at the level of interest in my slightly frivolous post yesterday about electing a putative replacement 4th Horseman as a mark of respect to Christopher Hitchens.  Thanks for all the comments.

Even more amazing was the consensus of opinion.  I feel myself slightly worried now.  To quote a famous author

Whenever you find you are on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect. -- Mark Twain

Even while I was putting together the picture that I featured, I had in mind my own favourite candidate, a relative newcomer to the scene, whose work has been impressing me.  Nothing could have prepared me for the level of agreement in your comments.  I didn't even do much to lead the audience.

You can see from this bar chart what I mean.

Peter Boghossian leads the race - by quite a margin!

Many of my readers might not be familiar with Boghossian's work, but the results suggest that you should expect to see much more of him soon.

Shortly I will post an article about one of his recent interviews, Pretending to know things that you don't know!   Meanwhile here are the links to a couple of his videos. If you are aware of any others, please post links in the comments.

Jesus, the Easter Bunny, and Other Delusions earlier this year.  (35 minutes.)

Faith: Pretending to know things you don't know, May 6th 2012 (37 minutes)


Anonymous said...

Not surprising. He did this talk that I found on youtube:

The Malcontent's Gambit people that you wrote about have a nice little summary of his recent work:

Has he responded to this poll? Can you interview him?

The Good Atheist said...

You should check out my interview with him on The Good Atheist:

Anonymous said...

Sam Harris gave love to this podcast he did:

Will you try and interview him?

Justin Vacula said...

Peter Boghossian on NEPA Freethought Society Podcast
"Practical Strategies to Combat Faith"

krissthesexyatheist said...

Don't revoke my atheist card, but I've never heard of this Peter chap. But I'm all for replacing Hitch. Hell let's have a million horsepeople. Awesomeness


Righteous Vanquisher said...

Yup, he's hot property. Could have predicted this. Saw him speak in Portland to a house that was so packed it I could barely breathe. Guy is amazing. He has an incredible charisma and is sharp as a tack. Will be interesting to see where he goes.