Monday, 6 February 2012

Jihad against dogs

One of the things that I found most trying about Christmas Day last year was the presence of a Golden Retriever.  This lovely-natured dog belongs to some visiting relatives who came to lunch (and kindly provided part of it).  Much as I like dogs I prefer them to be somewhere other than in my house, and particularly somewhere other than my kitchen.  I find that it is like having a bear in the house.  Large dogs are even more destructive than toddlers, knocking things over with their tails indiscriminately.

But worst of all, whenever I put my hands below waist level I found that they were licked! I must have washed my hands more often that morning than any other in my life. 

Just this month though, I have discovered that it could be even worse if I was a Muslim.  I hadn't realised that many Muslims consider dogs to be unclean.

In one surprising news item, I read that 'Muslims declare Jihad on Dogs in Europe'

This latest canine controversy -- which the Dutch public has greeted with a mix of amusement and outrage -- follows dozens of other Muslim-vs-dog-related incidents in Europe. Critics say it reflects the growing assertiveness of Muslims in Europe as they attempt to impose Islamic legal and religious norms on European society.

I might not like having a dog in the house, but I wouldn't go as far as declaring jihad.  Then again - atheists don't create holy wars do we?  In order to do such evil we need god.

Now I know about this new jihad I have a new urge to invite more dogs into my house!

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Anonymous said...

In the US some Obama appointee scum decided that all taxis and everything have to allow miniature horses in now because the poor blind Mooslims are too good to use seeing eye dogs -- they're special and have to have seeing eye horses. I kid you not. So which would you rather have in your cab next time you take a taxi? Dog poop or horse poop?