I'm glad to say that a few of my 'regular readers' feed back information to me about things that they find annoying.  Obviously if my style of posting is the source if irritation then I can't do much about that, but I very much appreciate the comments that I do receive.  I will use this page to keep you up to date with things that I have changed in an attempt to make your reading experience more pleasant.

2012-02-07 100,000 page views 
Not even 2 months since the 50K milestone was passed, yesterday the counter reached 100K.  Thanks for reading. 

2012-01-28  Delusional Logic spreading

"Delusional Logic" has re-posted at by Veronica Abbass.  I'm rather honoured.

2011-11-12 Want to contribute an article?

As a small way of saying 'Thanks' to the audience of regular readers of Something Surprising, I'm going to offer an opportunity for any of you to write a post which will be attributed accordingly.  If you would like to use it as a chance to advertise your own blog or a cause that you care about just let me know.  You could write just one surprising thing, or more.  If you don't already have a blog you might even find that you like it!

2011-11-11 50,000 page views

Just passed another milestone this week. 

2011-08-17 20,000 page views

My loyal audience must still be reading and I am grateful!  Today I passed the milestone of 20,000 page views. The first 10,000 took 6 months, and the next 10,000 took less than 6 weeks.  Please take a moment to recommend something surprising to a skeptical friend.  Your feedback in the form of comments is always welcome.

2011-07-09 10,000 page views

Someone somewhere must be reading my nonsense.  Yesterday I passed the milestone of 10,000 page views.  In two days time Something Surprising will have been going for 6 months.  It's quite an adventure!

2011-06-14  Scheduling posts a little earlier

Having posted daily, just after midnight UK time, for a few months, I am going to move the regular posting time a little earlier.  Don't worry - the daily drivel will still be daily, but you get one extra (bonus) post today.  I have just passed my 200th post, and so far since 11/1/11 have only missed a single day (when Blogger was 'off work sick').

2011-06-11 Links open in a new browser window

Derby Skeptic pointed out that links from Something Surprising did not open in another browser tab or window.  If you followed a link then you could easily lose your place in my blog post.  I had noticed this too, and thanks to The Real Blogger I found a way to change this, (even though it is not an option in the blogger software).  Let me know if you find this new option more irritating than the old.  Thanks for the 'prod' DS!

2011-06-01  Now easier to comment

Paula mentioned that she could not leave a comment without logging in with an account that she did not have, and understandably she didn't want to set up another account specifically to leave one comment.  I have had the same experience many other times, and given up in frustration.  So as an experiment, comments can be left anonymously and without moderation.  We'll see how it goes.  So far I have not exactly been inundated with inappropriate rantings of readers.


Veronica Abbass said...

Thank you for posting the crib sheet "Delusional Logic"; I have re-posted it here:

Plasma Engineer said...

Thank you Veronica. I'm glad that you enjoyed it and thought it worth re-posting.

Anonymous said...

So do you just blindly assume the laws of logic? In your thinking, Are these "self-evident"? Can things exist that are not subject to the laws of logic?

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