Thursday, 20 January 2011

Medieval beliefs perpetuated

In Holland, the cradle of the Enlightenment, the last execution for witchcraft took place in 1610; in England 1684; America 1692; France 1745; Germany 1775; Poland 1793.  In Italy the Inquisition was still condemning people to death until the end of the eighteenth century and inquisitional torture was not banned by gentle Jesu's Catholic Church until 1816!

But this medieval belief system is still not dead in the 21st century.  Even in 2010, Saudi Arabia sentenced a woman to death for witchcraft.

Islam is such a peaceful religion!


Panda said...

I agree with you that Islam is a "peaceful religion" but I have to say that crime in Saudi Arabia is almost non-existent. My older sister lived in Saudi Arabia for many many years and she says it was the safest country because they took immediate consequence to crimes. She said one day she was out shopping in town and someone had shoplifted. The authorities arrest the man and found him guilty pretty much on the spot and held his punishment. She said all that were in the area were gathered to watch his punishment, which was to have his hand chopped off. Now that is a great deterrent for crime. lol
Am I thankful I live in a country where I have the right to a trail and to a defense? Absolutely that is what makes America great but I do see why my sister says that she felt safer in Saudi Arabia.
I think we need a happy median. It takes to long to punish our criminals in America. They can sit for years and years on death row. They get appeals upon appeals upon appeals and so many times they get off on a technicality and then back on the streets to do another crime. But I wouldn't trade my country for any other in the world. We are blessed in America! Yes, I am a bit biased. :D

Plasma Engineer said...

We are indeed fortunate in all non-islamic countries. In UK we don't worry about people on death row quite as much because - for better or worse - we abolished the death sentence. I suppose I am just enthusiastic to keep the non-islamic parts of the world non-islamic ('peace and blessings be upon them') and hope to make a few countries non-christian too. Sometimes personal safety comes at a price. The City of Belfast had the lowest crime rate in the world during the Northern Ireland troubles. Now, thanks to the 'peace process', it has been restored to normal levels of crime.